How to Register Nikah Nama in NADRA

How to Register Nikah Nama in NADRA

Welcome to another exciting blog for newly weds out there! Now that the vows have been exchanged between you and your perfect life partner, one important step is how to register your Nikah Nama in NADRA. Many of you might not be familiar with this process, so don’t worry. Never get intimidated by the whole procedure. 

Let’s get started.

Step1: Collect all the Necessary Documents 

We all know that registration in any kind of organization requires you to have a certain set of documentation to verify your identity. Same goes with NADRA registration. In order to register yourself as a married couple you need to provide the evidence of your matrimonial documentation along with the individual identity verification of both husband and wife.

Following is a quick checklist to help you out: 

1. Original Nikahnama 

Your very first identity as a married couple is an official document called Nikahnama which is usually issued by a religious authority who has testified about your marriage. The religious authority includes an Imam or Mufti or Qazi. Legal authorities include a civil registrar or marriage officer or authorized religious official. 

2. Copies of CNIC

Individual identity verification would require your as well as your partners registered national identity card, issued from NADRA. Along with written documentation, they also require you to have two witnesses.

3. Photographs

It is important to provide them with photographs of passport size to testify your physical appearance in their records. 

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Step 2: Visit Your Nearest Union Council

Since the nikah is registered at the office of the Union Council, it is important to pay a visit to your local union council and gather all the necessary information regarding your nikah. 

Step 3: Submitting the Application Form

Since your nikah registration process began at your local council, under the eyes of law, you need to fill out the form with updated and accurate information. To avoid mistakes in the future, you need to double-check any spelling mistakes in their record. It will help you minimize errors while submitting your application in the initial phases of the process.

Step 4: Attaching All the Necessary Documents

Let’s go back to Step 1 where we had gathered all the necessary documents prior to submitting the application. It is important to attach all the documents to the application form to make a complete set of documentation. Make sure that you have original documents along with their required number of copies. 

Step 5: Fee Payment 

Talking about how to register Nikah Nama in NADRA, it is important to verify your fee payment to process the application. Your local council would charge you a very nominal amount to put forth your application. It is important to inquire about the updated fee structure before submitting your application. 

Step 6: Issuing A Marriage Certificate 

After you have gone through a successful fee payment and verification process, you will be provided with a Marriage Certificate. It is important to fulfill the legal requirements for the acknowledgement of your matrimonial union. 


Step 7: Registration With NADRA

By this stage, you might have obtained your Marriage Certificate from your council, the process is not yet over. At this stage, you are required to register your Marriage Certificate with NADRA. Hence, it’s time to visit your nearest NADRA branch. 

Step 8: Biometric Verification 

After you have requested NADRA officials to issue your Marriage Certificate, you will be required to verify your registration with NADRA before. Hence, you would be taken through the process of biometric verification. This adds an extra layer of security and legitimacy to the process.

Step 9: Receiving the Computerized Marriage Certificate 

After the biometric verification has been performed, you would be handed over your Marriage Certificate. This document is a legally recognized proof that you have officially gotten married to your partner and that you both have the right to enjoy the rights given to the married couples by the state. 

When dealing with government agencies, financial institutions, or legal matters, you can simply present your digital certificate without the hassle of carrying around physical copies. The computerized certificates can be verified quickly considering the importance of time. Since many situations require a quick action to be taken, such as criminal cases, it is important to have computerized Marriage Certificates to deal with time-sensitive matters. 

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So now that you have navigated through the comprehensive guide of how to register Nikah Nama in NADRA, keep this in your mind that the process outlined above is standard. Although the phases might differ on the basis of your locality, you can always consult the authorities to provide the guidelines regarding the services offered at their particular branch. 

A marriage certificate registered with NADRA offers extensive solutions to enjoy the legal privileges offered by the state to married couples such as legal matters (inheritance, property rights and divorce proceedings), immigration procedures (visa applications) and spousal benefits offered by many organizations. 

When it comes to accessing social security benefits, your NADRA Marriage Certificate can play a crucial role. It confirms your eligibility for certain spousal benefits or survivor’s benefits in case of unforeseen events.

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Q1. If the marriage has taken place outside of Pakistan, can we register our marriage with NADRA?

Yes, a Pakistani nationality holder allows the registration of marriage outside of the country. They are required to provide authenticated documentation which includes attested photocopies of Nikahnama. If the Nikahnama is translated in another language, you are required to submit translated copies of Nikahnama.

Q2. What if I have lost my Nikahnama, can I register my marriage with NADRA?

If you have lost the original Nikahnama, you can still register your marriage with NADRA. You would be required to provide an affidavit for the loss and follow the complete procedure for NADRA registration.

Q3. Do they have a certain age limit to get registered in NADRA?

Yes, both partners need to be of legal age according to the laws of your country. In many cases, this is 18 years old. However, local laws might have slight variations, so it’s important to check.

Q4. Is there a time limit for registering the Nikah Nama with NADRA after the marriage takes place? 

While it’s advisable to register the Nikah Nama as soon as possible, there is no strict time limit in most cases. However, it’s recommended to complete the registration promptly to avoid any potential complications.

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