Shadi Pk’s Photo Guidelines

One crucial step to boost your chances of finding your life partner and right marriage proposal is mastering the art of photo uploads on your Shadi Pk profile.

Your Shaadi Pk profile is your digital introduction to potential matches. It’s vital to make a strong first impression, and high-quality photos are the key. Read the following guidelines carefully

1. Complete Face Visibility

Do not send photos where only a part of your face is visible or it’s shown from a side angle. Opt for pictures that showcase your entire face.

2. Crystal Clear Images

Avoid uploading photos that are blurry or unclear. Such images will be rejected during the screening process to maintain image quality standards.

3. No Celebrity Photographs

Please ensure that you do not upload celebrity photographs. Doing so may lead to deactivation of your membership.

4. Original, Unaltered Photos

Refrain from sending photos with watermarks, digital enhancements, or any form of alteration. Keep your photos genuine and unaltered.

5. Individual Portraits

Do not upload group photos. Individual portraits work best to highlight yourself.

6. Relevance and Decency

Ensure that none of your photos are obscene or irrelevant. Any such photos may result in deactivation of your membership.

7. No Contact Information

Do not include any contact information in your photographs. Maintain privacy and safety by keeping personal details out of your pictures.

8. Avoid Cigarettes or Cigars

Do not upload photos that feature you with a cigarette or cigar. Additionally, ensure your photos match the age specified in your profile.

9. Professionally Relevant Attire

When sending photos, wear attire appropriate for your profession. For example, civilians should not be pictured in military uniforms.

10. Optimal Dimensions

To ensure the best display quality, the recommended dimensions for your photos are 400 pixels in width and 500 pixels in height.

By adhering to these photo guidelines, you can ensure that your profile maintains high standards of quality and relevance, enhancing your overall experience on Shadi Pk’s platform.

If you encounter any difficulties or have questions about uploading your photos, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to assist you.

Feel free to contact us via our

UAN/WhatsApp number: 03-111-784-111.