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Welcome to Shadi Pk App, Pakistan’s #1 most trusted Matrimonial App / Shadi Site. Our Shadi Site & Rishta App are your gateway to a seamless rishta online and hassle-free matrimonial experience.

As the best Shadi app in Pakistan and most trusted marriage bureau & shadi site, we take pride in offering an unparalleled online matchmaking service. Our platform features 100% verified profiles, ensuring the utmost privacy with 100% confidentiality. With advanced profile search and matching capabilities, finding your ideal match has never been easier.

Enjoy detailed profile creation and management with advanced privacy and security controls. We prioritize your safety with in-app verification and validation processes. Experience personalized recommendations and match suggestions tailored just for you. Our mobile app is optimized for accessibility, providing you with a user-friendly experience anytime, anywhere.

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Shadi Pk Matrimonial App – your premier choice for online matchmaking in Pakistan. As a leading Pakistani matrimonial app & marriage bureau, we proudly offer a platform with local and overseas verified profiles, ensuring the authenticity of your potential matches. Get rishta online with the most reliable matrimony app at your fingertips. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your journey to finding a life partner is not only efficient but also trustworthy. Embrace the reliability of Shaadi Matrimonial App for a seamless and secure matchmaking experience.

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Successful Rishta Matching in Pakistan with Shadi App

Many couples have found their ideal life partner and happiness through our Rishta App and our Shadi Site. Their lives have been changed by the special connections they have made on our Shaadi App. Each of their stories is unique and heartwarming, and they show how Shadi Pk App is dedicated to helping people find their other half.

Popular Matchmaking Services

Discover a refined approach to finding your life partner with Shadi.Pk App’s renowned Popular Matchmaking Services. Our innovative solutions are designed to elevate your marriage journey toward a meaningful connection. As your trusted partner in the quest for your other half, Shaadi Matrimonial App sets the standard for excellence in online matchmaking.

Self Matchmaking

Take control of your destiny with Shadi Pk's empowering Self Matchmaking feature. This distinctive offering allows you to actively navigate through potential matches, providing a personalized and hands-on approach to your search. By putting the power in your hands, this unique feature ensures a tailored and efficient matchmaking experience.


Personalized Matchmaking

Experience a more personalized matchmaking journey with Shaadi PK's exclusive service! Our dedicated matchmakers will handpick potential matches based on your specific preferences, guaranteeing a targeted and efficient matchmaking experience. Let our dedicated matchmakers transform your path to finding a life partner.

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Explore the possibilities of a brighter future with Shadi Pk Matrimonial App / Rishta App. For personalized guidance and additional details, reach out to our dedicated team at our

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