How to Not End Up Marrying Your Cousin

How to Not End Up Marrying Your Cousin 

In South Asia, Pakistan has a rich culture where traditions are an essential part of daily life. One interesting and sometimes debated tradition is marrying your cousin. This means people marrying their cousins, and it has been happening for a long time.

However, in recent times, especially among younger people, this practice has been questioned. Some see cousin marriage as a convenient family tradition, often jokingly saying, “If you can’t find anyone else to marry, just marry your cousin.” 

Exploring the roots of cousin marriages, looking at how common they are now, and considering what younger people think will help us understand this tradition better. 

If you are into addressing these concerns then this blog is for you. Come along as we explore the details of this cultural practice together.

In Pakistan, the way people find life partners is changing quickly. Traditional methods, like relying on matchmakers known as “rishtay wali aunties,” are becoming less popular. Instead, many are now turning to online matrimonial websites and apps for their search.

In the past, ” some rishtay wali aunties” didn’t do a good job connecting couples. These individuals were often seen as more interested in financial gains rather than genuine matchmaking.

Additionally, they were known for providing inaccurate information and lacking transparency. The primary focus of these matchmakers seemed to be enjoying a meal and a cup of tea at the homes of potential brides and grooms.

Frustrated with the old-fashioned matchmaking methods, many people in Pakistan are turning to online shadi    apps and matrimonial websites. 

These digital platforms let you make your own profile, say what you’re looking for, and connect with potential matches based on things like shared interests and backgrounds. It’s like taking control of your own search for a life partner instead of relying on others.

More and more  Pakistanis are now using technology to find their perfect match. The move from old-school matchmakers to online platforms is part of a bigger trend where people are relying on digital tools for their personal connections.

It’s not just about finding a partner; it shows that society is getting comfortable with new ways of doing things, especially matters of the heart. 

The online world is playing a big role in how people in Pakistan are searching for and building lasting relationships. In response to evolving trends, the best marriage bureau, Shadi Pk, has simplified the process of finding your life partner. Here’s how Shadi Pk has is reshaping the matrimony:

Personalized Matchmaking 

Our personalized matchmaking service involves a dedicated matchmaker who works closely with you to understand your preferences, values, and lifestyle. Using this information, they carefully find potential matches and set up meetings. With their extensive experience and skill, our matchmakers ensure you’re paired with someone who aligns with you comprehensively.

Self MatchMaking 

If you prefer a more hands-on approach, our self-matchmaking service enables you to search for potential matches independently. Explore our extensive database of eligible singles and connect with them directly. Our user-friendly platform simplifies the process, making it easy for you to find your ideal match.

Package Subscription 

As a valued member of our premier marriage bureau, you’ll enjoy access to a diverse range of services crafted to meet your unique preferences and requirements. Furthermore, we tailor our packages to perfectly suit your needs.

Best Pakistani Matrimony App: Shadi Pk 

Find your dil ka rishta with the most trusted shadi app. Here’s why the Shadi Pk app stands out as the most reliable choice:

Security and Privacy:

At Shadi Pk, we’ve got your back! Because, we’ve put in strong security measures, like encryption and firewalls, to make sure your data and privacy are rock-solid. Thus, our rishta app is super secure, creating a safe and trustworthy space for you. 

We’re always working to make it even better because your confidence in us matters the most. Your security is our priority!

100% Verified Profiles

At Shadi Pk, we’re all about serious matchmaking. We want to connect people who are genuinely interested in finding the right match. 

To make sure we’re bringing you authentic profiles, we take verification seriously. Details like nationality, mobile numbers, and email addresses are checked to ensure they’re legit.

Once a profile is verified, it becomes part of a trusted pool for our clients. No more guesswork – we’re here to help you make the best decisions. 

Our goal is to bring together people who share common goals, values, and aspirations. Finding dil ka rishta is made simple and reliable with the best Pakistani matrimony app.

24/7 Customer Support 

Exploring our best matrimonial app becomes a unique journey with our exceptional customer support. We are just a call or text away, ready to assist you at every stage, from registration to refining your profile searches.

Cultural Diversity 

At Shadi.Pk App, you’ll encounter people from diverse cultures, cultivating a rich environment that encourages cultural mixing and understanding. 

This diversity adds depth to the platform, creating a unique space where individuals can connect and appreciate different backgrounds, traditions, and perspectives.

Continuous Improvement 

We’re committed to making our matrimonial app the best it can be. We constantly improve to ensure our users’ are happy and find the process easy. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we’re always working to make things even better. Shadi PK carefully considers several key strategies to ensure the smooth functioning of the matrimonial app.

User Feedback

We actively seek and listen to user feedback. Our strong feedback mechanism within the matrimonial app, encourages users to share their experiences, concerns, and suggestions. 

Furthermore, we regularly analyze feedback to understand specific pain points and continuously work towards enhancing overall satisfaction.

Feature Enhancement

Our team commits to regularly updating the app by introducing new features based on user needs and industry trends. Moreover, this approach will keep the shadi app relevant and provide additional value to users, enhancing their overall experience.

Performance Optimization

Shadi Pk team consistently assesses and optimizes the app’s performance. Faster load times, efficient search functionality, and overall smooth operation contribute to a positive user experience, ensuring users can interact with the app smoothly.

Mobile Responsiveness

We ensure that the app is responsive and optimized for various devices. Furthermore, we focus on delivering a smooth experience across different screen sizes, enhancing accessibility and user satisfaction on both mobile and tablet devices.


Say goodbye to cousin marriages with the best matrimonial service, Shadi Pk. Discover your perfect match with Pakistan’s most trusted shadi app. Don’t wait any longer to download our app now!

Frequently Asked Questions! 

Is it wise to marry your cousin?

If you find that your cousin is a suitable match in terms of mental compatibility, health, and personality, marriage can be a consideration. However, if this is not the case, you can explore Shadi Pk, Pakistan’s best marriage bureau, to find a life partner of your own choice.

Do cousins marry in Pakistan?

This practice is widespread globally, observed in various cultures and countries; however, it is notably more prevalent in Pakistan, where approximately 55-60% of individuals marry their first cousins.

Is it okay to marry your cousin in Islam?

Yes. Islam never discourages marrying your cousin. However, if you wish to address details, reach out to an Islamic scholar.

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